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 The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie is a 2005 musical comedy film written and directed by Polly Draper.


The film opens with Nat and Alex introducing themselves and their documentary to the viewers. This is followed by a performance of The Silver Boulders' latest song "Motor Mouth" at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Nat and Alex explain how the band used to consist of only themselves and was called The Naked Brothers Band (due to being partly naked and being brothers). Their childhood friend Cole was a member of the band as well before he had to move to Connecticut. During Nat's second preschool year, the band was renamed The Silver Boulders, which included Nat's preschool friends DavidJosh, and Thomas. The band was managed by Cooper, another of his friends. Nat had written many original songs for The Silver Boulders, such as "Motor Mouth" and "Crazy Car", eventually leading them to be signed to Who's the Man Records, owned by John B Williams. A music video for "Crazy Car" is shown afterwards.

Things were going well for the band until Thomas shared a song he'd written called "Boys Rule, Girls Drool". Cooper refused to have that song performed. Nat on the other hand, wrote a song about a girl he had feelings for: Josh's stepsister, Rosalina. Thomas and Josh made fun of him for it, causing a dispute. The band spent less time with each other and eventually, Thomas, Josh and David decided to form their own band, The Gold Boulders. Following the announcement of the split, Alex begins to binge on lemon-lime soda, and Nat plays If There Was a Place to Hide on the piano as people outside the Wolff apartment plead for the band to get back together.

Nat and Alex's father, Sonny Wolff attempts to start a family band called the Accordrumianos, but it quickly falls apart. Alex's soda addiction goes too far, and he attempts to get away from it by going on a cruise with Nat.




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The music in the film was written by Nat and Alex Wolff.