The Naked Brothers Band is the music group featured in the series of the same name.


Early years

Back when Nat Wolff was in preschool and his brother, Alex, was 2½, the two brothers decided to form a musical band. The band name came from the fact that Nat and Alex were brothers, and that they were (partially) naked. At the time, Nat knew how to play keyboards and Alex could play saxophone. The duo invited their friend Cole to the band, as he could play guitar. The three played together for a few months until Cole had to withdraw due to taking part in a Cheerios commercial and moving to Connecticut.

The Silver Boulders

Nat felt like giving the band a better image, so he invited his preschool friends DavidJosh and Thomas, changing the band name to The Silver Boulders. Nat wrote amazing songs for the band, such as "Motor Mouth" and "Crazy Car". Their talent eventually got recognised by John B. Williams, who signed them to his label, Who's The Man Records.


Nat Wolff - Lead vocalist, keyboardist

Alex Wolff - Drummer

Rosalina - Bassist

Qaasim Middleton - Guitarist

David Levi - Keyboardist

Thomas Batuello - Cellist