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Season 3 is the third and final season of The Naked Brothers Band.


Season 3 of The Naked Brothers Band mainly follows the band filming their first theatrical movie (Mystery Girl). During production, Nat and Rosalina 's first-time temporarily long-distance relationship goes awry as he loses his groove when he discovers a shocking tabloid picture of Rosalina on her around-the-world cruise (Operation Mojo), and starts to doubt her commitment to him. Right before the movie's release, (The Premiere), a search is started for a new bass player (Naked Idol) when Rosalina quits the band after a tough break-up with Nat. This final season includes two holiday specials (Christmas Special, Valentine Dream Date), an heroic animated special, (Supetastic 6), and concludes with a series finale (No School's Fools Day) of a day of pranks on the first day of summer.

Album cover for the Face In The Hall single, including Your Smile.


All of the fourteen songs featured in the season (including the single Face In The Hall) were previously unreleased until four years after the series' cancellation when it was eventually released by Nat and Alex Wolff on October 15, 2013 as an album titled Throwbacks. The aforementioned single wasn't included in the album, although it already has appeared in the iCarly soundtrack .

Episode listing

Season 3
Release Date
Mystery Girl October 18, 2008
Operation Mojo November 22, 2008
Supetastic 6
November 26, 2008
Christmas Special
December 13, 2008
Valentine Dream Date February 8, 2009
Naked Idol March 14, 2009
The Premiere April 11, 2009
No School's Fools Day June 13, 2009