County Fair Concert Special is a special episode in Season 2 of The Naked Brothers Band.


The episode begins with the audience shouting the band's name as they anticipate their arrival on stage. During the episode, the cameras move around the stage mainly focusing on Nat, and constantly switches between each member of the band. Occasionally, the audience can be heard cheering and/or seen holding posters, and going hysterical for the band, especially after the end of each song.

Nine songs from the past two seasons of the show (two from the movie) were preformed in this episode in this order: Motormouth, Taxi Cab, Tall Girls, Short Girls... You, Great Trip, Crazy Car, Banana Smoothie, I'll Do Anything, Run.


  • Although not listed in the credits, Cooper makes a cameo in this episode supervising the concert on stage behind them along with Tuffy (credited).